Post 2016: Fabulous Credibility @ #rp17

Find your next unicorn, grab a bag of glitter because things are getting fabulous up in here. Since 2016 went down, the world has not only become more scary but also more visibly fabulous, glittery and relentlessly diverse.

But whom can we trust and how can we avoid falling for false figures? Some might say things that sound traditionally sensible.  But they also might just fuck up everything we have, love and need to be free, reasonable and democracy-loving human beings.

Tomorrow, on the 9th of May at 20:30, I will be talking about how our western culture has shaped different types of images that were or still are seen as credible and trustworthy. It starts with not smiling to be taken seriously up until people asking the question why. Why do we still have a limited set of images that are traditionally seen as something one can rely on for truth and stability.

See you at Stage T at re:publica in Berlin!

There might be cake.

Link to the official #rp17 talk description 

Credits: Featured image taken @ mmmomentaufnahme